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Gift a workshop

A private workshop is an awesome gift to give to someone you care about. It shows that you want to encourage their photography and their creativity. A formal course can be too much of an obligation, and an online course can be a little too impersonal (and often can go unused, even with the best of intentions). You can trust I will meet them where they are at and walk with them through some big creative steps - whether it's finally picking the camera up to begin with, or moving onward in their photographic journey. 

So, way to go. You know how to give good gifts!

A private workshop is $195, for 1 person or 1 couple.  90 minutes and include a slideshow, PDF to keep, email Q+A, and ongoing support. 

How it works is: you prepay for the session. I send you a graphic that you can print out and give to them which includes a coupon code for booking. They book, and are prompted to submit a form getting me all the information I need. From there, we get together and get shooting!