Local Workshops in Victoria, BC

As a professional photographer, I travel a lot. But I'm a BC girl at heart and love to be at home, in the forest, by the ocean, with my family. When I am not traveling, I love to teach where I am. If you're looking to grow (or simply begin) your skills with your camera, I'd be honoured to work with you, or a group with your friends or co-workers, to launch that journey and set you up for success. I'd like to think my images are my strongest skill, but the truth is, I am a born teacher. I am personable, fun, easy-to-understand, and can cater any of the below to focus on your personal goals.

I'm sponsored by Sony, have taught workshops all over the world, and have worked with all types of cameras and all levels.


What's included: a 90 min to 2.5 hour talk (pre-determined by # of people) with slides, examples, and concepts; hands on direction with your camera, including practice shots to solidify concepts; freely asked Q+A as we go, and at the end; the PDF is yours to keep for reference. All camera models and levels welcome. Novice to Advanced Intermediate ("Going pro"? Ask me about mentorship!). Goals range from leaving auto to entering manual, photos of your children to your next big trip, and much more. 


Private Lessons

I come to your house, and we spend 90 minutes working with your camera. I bring a slideshow that works towards your goals, which you get to keep as reference. It's fun, interactive, hands-on, and you'll gain real, concrete understanding of your camera, your options, and your new goals. Whether it's getting off of Auto, learning all those buttons, beginning to shoot in manual, looking at advanced metering and unique or tricky light, playing with long exposure, or a private lesson catering to all things travel, portrait, or most any other genre, I'm here to guide you through it. The proof will be in  your photos even the same day. By working hands-on with  me, we can be focused and see results immediately - and you will retain more of the information than taking a course, watching youtube, or trying to read those dreadful manuals. 

Can be tailored to Moms or Dads who have unique obstacles like working indoors, fast moving kids, the desire to make intentional portraits or capture everyday life, or simply will have kids at their feet and interrupting while they make photos. 

Can make an excellent birthday, father or mother's day, wedding, or new baby gift. Really, any milestone - a tailored private lesson is bound to launch any budding photographer to new levels. 


1 person (or 1 couple with 1 camera) - $150, 90 minutes

2 people (2 cameras) - $100/hour, 2 hour minimum


(Are you a Mighty or a Mosaic? Let me know!)

Group Lessons

Exactly the same as above - a group photo talk tailored to your goals as a group. Gather a few friends who also want to get off auto, or learn manual, or are about to take a trip, and I'll come walk you down that road. PDF is yours to keep of all my slides. While there is a bit less hands-on time (given the number of people) it's still chalk full of info and there will be several break-outs to try new concepts. 


3 people, 2 hours, $65 pp. 

4-5 people, 2 to 2.5 hours, $50 pp. 

6+ people, please contact

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Mama Photo Bootcamp

This one is tailored to moms! Why? Moms have unique obstacles when it comes to making photos. Your kid(s) are growing up too fast, you have a million and ten things to do every day, you're probably exhausted (what is sleep?), have a case of "mom brain," maybe a toddler hanging on to your leg, diapers to change and faces to wipe, and bought a camera with the best of intentions (maybe preparing for this little one's arrival?) but aren't getting the results you want, are overwhelmed by the buttons/options, and are defaulting to your smartphone instead (which is fine, unless you aren't getting the results you want there, either).  Sound familiar? You need my Mama Photo Bootcamp. Get a couple other moms together (children of any age) and I'll come to one of your homes and do a presentation complete with hands-on tutorials with your cameras to give you some control over your images, how to work with light, tips and tricks, and more - all through the "lens" of a mom and the unique goals, and issues, moms usually have when it comes to photos. Flat, boring shots? Blurry? Flash keeps popping up? Images feel like "snapshots" and not "artistic" images? I'll cure all those problems. Since moms are notoriously short on time, this is a "need-to-know" only program - only the techniques you need to know to improve your shots, not much time spent on technical stuff that you won't have the time or energy for (yet). How do I know? I'm a mom too! And guess what, to keep it fair I don't share all my fancy travel or paid portraiture photos - I share real photos (including bad ones) of my very own little. It's relatable, easy to follow, but will jumpstart your snaps and your creativity. PDFs and Cheat Sheets included. Also included are treats and drinks because mamas need a break. The group decides if babies join (because not everyone can get care, and I'm able to talk over all kinds of ruckus if need be) or not (again, mamas need breaks!). 

$50 pp // 4 -5 moms  // 2 - 2.5 hours // one of your homes // children optional (group decides) // Potluck-style snacks and tea (morning session) OR potluck style snacks and wine (late afternoon session).  

(More or Less moms want to join? Let me tailor this for you!)

(Part of Mighty Mums or Mosaic Mums? Let me know!)