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Kate Siobhan Mulligan Takes Your Questions, 30 minute radio interview, begins at 25 minute mark, CBC Radio's Almanac

How To Make It As A Travel Photographer - An Interview with Kate Siobhan Mulligan, Hayo Magazine

An interview with Sony Canada Imaging Ambassador Kate Siobhan Mulligan, Maartin Heilbron

The State of Mirrorless, Episode 23 with Kate Siobhan Mulligan, F-Stop Lounge

The Joy of Giving, Episode 45 with Kate Siobhan Mulligan, The Travelling Image Makers

Expert Roundup: Episode 63, Newbie Mistakes, The Travelling Image Makers


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101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You DieContributor, available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon, or St Martin's Press

The Beatles: A Musical BiographyAuthor, available on Amazon, or at ABC-CLIO Publishers

My LIfe, So Far by Terry David Mulligan, Introduction Author, available on, or Heritage House Publishers


Photo Essays

Unbelievable Moments I Photographed in Morocco, Matador Network

16 Moments I didn't Expect to Have in Cuba, Matador Network

I Discovered Cuba through Photographing Its People, Matador Network

6 Women I've had the Honour of Photographing Abroad, and the Lasting Impression They Have Left on Me, Matador Network

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24 Hours at the Pushkar Camel Fair, Matador Network | SanDisc 

Earth Day In Paradise: Palawan, Phillippines, Matador Network | Tourism Phillippines

The Gates Foundation Centre: Where Youth and Social Change Intersect, Matador Network


Cultural Articles

These Images show the Naturalness of Breastfeeding all around the World. So why is it still stigmatized? Matador Network

How To Get Upgraded To First Class Like A Boss, Matador Network

How To Piss Off A Vancouverite, Matador Network | Vancouver is Awesome | The Huffington Post BC

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19 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Thailand,Matador Network | Amazing Thailand

Texas Has the Greatest Skies on Earth and these 13 Photographers Prove it, Matador Network

20 Instagrams Prove the Philippines Literally Has it All,Matador Network

A Conscientious Guide to Scoring Flights and Accommodation, Matador Network

Growing Up Mulligan, The Tyee | The North Shore News | Fresh Breath of Mint

Concert Review: The Stars Preform in Stanley Park, The Vancouver Sun (In Print Only)

You Better Belize It: Taking Teenagers to the Jungles of Belize, The North Shore News (In Print Only)

Canada Day on the Serengeti, The North Shore News (In Print Only)

An Inspiration in Mozambique, The North Shore News (In Print Only)


Photography and Social Change Articles

An Exclusive Interview with World Photographer David DuChemin, Matador Network

The Ethics of Paying for Portraits, Matador Network

Helping Young Photographers Find Their Vision in Nicaragua, Smugmug

Why Non-Profits Need Photography, Pictureline | Abes of Main

The Giving Lens, Fuel Your Photography

7 Reasons Kids Need Cameras, Matador Network


Photography Tutorials | Photo-Education

9 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Kids, Matador Network

Introduction to Landscape Photography, Matador Network

The 7 Fundamentals of Documenting Your Travels,Matador Network | SanDisc

What Are Your Favourite Travel Memories?, Matador Network | SanDisc

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Understanding ISO, Matador Network

Introduction to the Histogram, Matador Network

A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting in Manual, Matador Network

Exposure Locking and Metering Modes, Matador Network

Understanding Exposure, Matador Network

Understanding Aperture, Matador Network

Beginner’s Guide to Shooting In Aperture, Matador Network



In Print

 Arts County Fair, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Sasquatch: A Monster Fest, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Kyprios: Poetry in Motion, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Peaches, My Morning Jacket, and Death Cab for Cutie, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Sarah McLachlan Treats Her Fans, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Jack Johnson: Just the Ticket, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Clean Air Never Sounded So Good, The North Shore News | CityGigs

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REM: Not ready to Reminisce, The North Shore News | CityGigs

James Brown Still Has What it Takes, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Switchfoot Dares to be Different, The North Shore News | CityGigs

Kate Mulligan’s Top 10 Albums of 2004, The North Shore News

Australia Ripped My Face Off: The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay, Australia, CityGigs