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Welcome to my "life" section! I call this Life and not Families or Couples or Portraits because it's real life and the people we are doing it with. This can be two people, or ten, a couple,  a family, or even a group of friends. Who makes up your family? If you want to celebrate a new relationship, an anniversary, a beautiful baby bump, a new arrival, a milestone, a new season of life, a birthday, or just because life is beautiful, I'm here for that. I want to celebrate you - and yours - right now, at this perfect moment. Let's stop time for a second, together, so that we can remember it, always. 

My approach is organic, natural, candid, real-life moments of love and awe and connection. I always provide a few "camera aware" classic-style portraits (looking at the camera) for my clients, but largely I will give you starting poses and then prompt you with fun, sentimental, or sweet actions to help you bring out the real you - not the say-cheese you.  

I believe in the raw beauty of everyday life. My style is a cross between photo-journalistic and fine art. That's a fancy way of saying I lean towards camera-unaware moments that are candid, real, and authentic (photo-journalistic), and also full of intention, story, and depth (fine art).  My editing is contemporary and film-inspired. It can be in your home - where you do life - or it can be in an outdoor location that means a lot to you. Because I believe in raw beauty, I do not photoshop away minor flaws or take off ten pounds. However, if you have body image issues (who doesn't?) be honest when I ask beforehand and I can work around them!



Because I also teach photography, and travel the world, I limit how many families and weddings I take on in a year. I am always looking to hear from folks though, especially those who have viewed my work and feel our visions match. Photojournalistic imagery, natural light, real life, raw beauty, moment-rich and love-full images. I don't do studio work, or intensive photoshopping. I think you are beautiful as you are right now.  


Westcoast Portrait Sessions - $325

You, me, and a beautiful place or the comfort of your own home. I learn your story and work to craft something that will speak to where you have been, who you are, and where you are going. 60 to 90 minutes allows several or more backdrops, various lenses, various styles of imagery. This time is enough time to be relaxed, unhurried, and kind of sink into the creative rhythm of making really meaningful images. It allows us to walk and talk, to hear your story, experiment, create some drastically different moods and style of shots.  It allows me time to observe, craft, move, suggest, experiment (often with spectacular results). For families, it allows time for melt-downs, tantrums, breaks, snacks, play, and regrouping as well as a solid mix of each family member, combinations, and mixing classic portraits with candid. My hope is the results are images that will bring you joy every time you look at them, images your children or family will cherish for many, many years to come. 

Perfect for: in-home session, documentary sessions, maternity, fresh 48, engagement, anniversary, in-love, any milestone, adventure  sessions that  are within the Greater Victoria area (no hiking), or just because life is grand. 

included: 60 minutes, 15 hand-crafted, film-inspired images are included, which you choose from a gallery of 30-45, and a $30 print credit. Discount if you purchase the whole gallery, but no pressure. 


Adventure Portrait Sessions - $395+

The same as a full session but with extra time to hike or drive somewhere epic, so that the background plays as much a role in the story as the people in it. These sessions get dirty, wet, windy, and wild - and the results are worth it! I will have to custom quote just based on how far and wild you're looking to go, but let's work together to craft an incredible day. 

Perfect for: adventurous couples and families who are in love with the wild westcoast - or, i'll meet  you just about anywhere in the world :)

included: 15-30 minutes of hiking or extra driving, 60 minutes of shooting time, 15 hand-crafted, film-inspired images are included, which you choose from a gallery of 30-45, and a $30 print credit. Discount if you purchase the whole gallery, but no pressure. 

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Mini Sessions - $195

Minis are intense, fun sessions that are a great top-up between full sessions. For this reason, I offer minis just to my returning clients at any time, and twice a year seasonally to the public (generally spring and fall). If you're not a returning client, sign up for my newsletter to hear first when the next mini-day will be offered. However, I do take requests. I can, have, and will make exceptions when I feel someone really understands and wants specifically my approach but currently cannot afford the full session. The reason I don't just offer minis openly is often people hope (even if you don't mean to) to get the results of a full session in half the time, and expectations get skewed. A mini session goes by very fast, making it more difficult to foster authentic moments, whether romantic or family-focused, and additionally leaves very little time for tantrums, diapers, running away (hopefully I am only talking about toddlers here and not couples!).  And of course, seasonally I do offer it publicly for those who want to "try me out" or grab a few great photos at a beautiful time of year, and these mini-days are exhausting but a lot of fun! However, if you are reading this and you still feel strongly you could handle - or need - a mini-session, let's chat. 


5 hand-crafted, film-inspired images are included, which you choose from a gallery of 10-15. Discount if you purchase the whole gallery, but no pressure.

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