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Hey! I'm Kate.

I am a world-traveling Sony-sponsored culture + portrait photographer. I specialize in street + cultural images, photojournalism, documentary work, NGO + Humanitarian work, and all things portrait. When not traveling I am available and passionate about intimate + adventurous weddings, family photojournalism, speaking at conferences, and teaching workshops. I have been writer + lead photo editor for Matador Network, and I am Chief Operations Officer of The Giving Lens, and a published author, and seasoned educator.  

Whether you're here to look at my travel work, are seeking a wedding photographer, after some family photojournalism, heard about my badass workshops for moms, Mama Photo Bootcamp, need a speaker for your conference, or just stumbled here by accident - welcome

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What I do

(hint: it's a lot)


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Travel Photography

The world is  big and beautiful and I am out to prove it one photo at a time. My work - teaching travel photography and working with non-profits - and my personal passion for travel has taken me all around the world and back again. I am obsessed with the beauty of the  everyday, photographing strangers, seeking stories, and capturing magnificant scenes as they unfold. 

Humanitarian + Documentary Work

I have been volunteering since I was 14 years old. From back alleys handing out food in Vancouver to a jail in Mozambique to teaching and nurturing photography in a dozen countries, I've been around. I believe the world is hurting - and that's it's good and beautiful too. And i believe we can always use the skills we have and the passions we have to make a different, whatever they made be. 

That's why I helped found The Giving Lens. We run travel photography workshops all over the world where we partner with a deserving NGO to both document their issues and to teach photography to underprivileged communities, fostering self-expression, self-confidence, creativity, storytelling, and exploration. 

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Family Photojournalism

I had a baby in 2016 and it drastically changed how I photograph families. I always enjoyed kids and babies but I never ever could have understood the depth and nuance of this kind of love.

While I still do classic family portraits on request, my new direction is what I call family photojournalism: candid, real life, unposed images of your family, as you are. We can roam a beach, forest, or mountaintop, or I can come to your home, the very place you do life together. 


I think falling in love is the best adventure of all. Read more about my availability, my style, see some galleries, and hear more about  my vision for weddings. 

I am available locally and internationally for adventurous + wild weddings, intimate + elopement weddings, and more. I bring my background in travel + journalism for a unique approach. Read more!



Live, travel, Adventure, Bless,  and don't be sorry


- jack keroac