a photography 101 workshop, for moms.

A private photo-workshop in the privacy of your own home (or mine), through the "lens" of a mom. Need-to-know photography tips to make stronger images of your babies and kids.

A private photo-workshop in the privacy of your own home (or mine), through the "lens" of a mom. Need-to-know photography tips to make stronger images of your babies and kids.

This one is tailored to moms! Why? Moms have unique obstacles when it comes to making photos. Your kid(s) are growing up too fast, you have a million and ten things to do every day, you're probably exhausted (what is sleep?), have a case of "mom brain," maybe a toddler hanging on to your leg, diapers to change and faces to wipe, and bought a camera with the best of intentions (maybe preparing for this little one's arrival?) but aren't getting the results you want, are overwhelmed by the buttons/options, and are defaulting to your smartphone instead (which is fine, unless you aren't getting the results you want there, either).

 Sound familiar? it was this headspace that lead me to create Mama Photo Bootcamp. Get a couple other moms together (children of any age) and I'll come to one of your homes and do a presentation complete with hands-on tutorials with your cameras to give you some control over your images, how to work with light, tips and tricks, and more - all through the "lens" of a mom and the unique goals, and issues, moms usually have when it comes to photos. Flat, boring shots? Blurry? Flash keeps popping up? Images feel like "snapshots" and not "artistic" images?  Since moms are notoriously short on time, this is a "need-to-know" only program - only the techniques you need to know to improve your shots, not much time spent on technical stuff that you won't have the time or energy for (yet). I know because I'm a mom too! And guess what, to keep it fair I don't share all my fancy travel or paid portraiture photos - I share real photos (including bad ones) of my very own little. It's relatable, easy to follow, but will jumpstart your snaps and your creativity from the camera in the closet to your smartphone. PDFs and Cheat Sheets included. The group decides if babies join (because not everyone can get care, and I'm able to talk over all kinds of ruckus if need be) or not (again, mamas need breaks!). 


$195 solo or 2 people, 2 hours | $250 for 3-5 moms, 2.5-3 hours

Cost per person depends on how many join. We meet at someone's house, I give a slideshow with pauses for questions and hands-on practice. You keep the PDF, and 30 days Q+A with me by email or in a private group chat, plus an invite to a private Facebook group.  6+ moms advised to split into two groups so everyone gets one-on-one attention!

Solo mentoring include personalized notes for you and your specific camera and a private chat for ongoing Q+A.


Solo mentoring not in the budget but not sure how to find other moms? I am passionate about this workshop being affordable, which is why I allow up to 5 moms to get together and share the cost. As a bonus, you connect with like-minded moms who like or want to like photograph! We all need a tribe - me included :) One good idea, if you don’t know other moms off hand, is posting to a local moms group on Facebook. In my experience there’s always a positive response - our children get bigger every single day and yet we all struggle, for so many reasons, to capture how beautiful, wild, silly, and chaotic it all is. So, chances are if you are in a moms group, you're not alone in wanting to get some tangible insight to improve your photography right away.


It's win-win-win: you get an afternoon to invest in yourself and your creativity; getting over a few major hurdles with photography (bonus, a lot of it isn’t even technical!); you get to meet other like-minded moms who are in the same boat; and you get results right away!


Join a Public MPB

If you're struggling to find other moms (first of all, email me about that!) and then two, seasonally I offer MPBs in my own home or a public space. Each one is limited to 6 spots max (and 3 spots minimum to run).  If you don't see anything below, there isn't one scheduled or it's full; enter your email to hear about upcoming sessions!