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I love to talk about photography almost as much as I love making images. I am a skilled speaker: personable, funny, and insightful. I have been teaching other photographers about a range of topics around photography for well over 5 years, both online and in person. I have worked with all kinds of skill levels and audiences. I give talks that are overloaded with tangible, useful information while not being overwhelming (and I know how to walk that line). I consistently get excellent feedback after all my talks. 

I've spoken to private groups, at conferences, at events, and been a keynote speaker. 

If your company, NGO, photography club, meetup, creative group, or brand is interested in talks around travel photography, responsible travel, humanitiarian photography, storytelling, creative intention and vision, ethics of travel photography, or photojournalism, I could be a great fit. 

Kindly contact me about your company and I'll craft a few angles that might be appealing to the audience. With that I'll include my speaking fees. Speaking fees do not include travel time and costs.