Kate was the perfect choice for our wedding photographer. She did my older sister's wedding, so when mine came along I knew exactly who to call! Kate was easy to talk with, genuine, thoughtful, professional, and so much fun. She brought such a full sense of the role of wedding photographer in her ability to organize and keep everything on track, as well as her sense of joy and camaraderie as she shared such a special, intimate day with our family. Before the wedding all of our communications were done my email or phone, as I was living elsewhere during the planning. She was so easy to get in touch with and had many helpful insights to share as we planned the day - not just for photography! But for the day- of schedule, ideas on what to wear, makeup and hair that would suit our outdoor venue, and more. She also had us complete a few brief assignments about our preferences and style for the photographs. These were easy to do and so helpful, as it ensured we were all on the same page. When the day finally arrived, it felt like Kate was part of the family! She had us laughing and knew just how to help. She captured the best moments, documenting the sweet behind the scenes shots, and made both my husband and I feel at ease throughout the day. She navigated the many family shots with patience and professionalism, not shying away from directing those that needed it or making sure everyone was in the right place! She really had a clear handle on the day, on what was most important and where my husband and I should be at different times. While planning our schedule she counseled us to take an hour in between the ceremony and dinner to have some sunset shots, and to just have some quieter time alone. At first I didn't think this was necessary but trusted her judgment and experience. In the end, that time was so special. We got some lovely shots of those moments right after getting married, and had a very necessary break. We started the reception feeling refreshed and so excited to see everyone again. She even stayed late into the night to be part of the party and got some amazing shots of the dancing and mingling. I have this favourite memory of taking pictures with the bridal party before the ceremony. We were on a board walk, with this really neat old wooden wall behind us. But the boardwalk wasn't wide enough to get the shot that she Kate climbed up onto the railing, with the ocean feet below, balanced precariously with all of her gear, and got the perfect shot! Now that's dedication. If I could do the whole day over again, I would choose Kate again in a heart beat!

- Shannon | Washington, USA