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I’m a travel, portrait, and documentary photographer from Victoria, Canada. I travel a ton and always have a camera in hand. I have the pleasure and honour of running a humanitarian organization called The Giving Lens, leading teams of photographers around the world to use their photography to make a difference and leave an impact. That means I get to work with amazing Non Profits helping to document their cause, while teaching photography to the community, all around the world.  I also work for Matador Network as a Contributing Editor, and am the Lead Photo Faculty in their online school for Travel Photography, MatadorU. I am a working writer and working photographer, freelancing my way around the world and back. My heart is for people, and their stories, rooted by the deep belief that every story counts. I’ve lived in a Masai Village, seen the sun rise over Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat, and the Taj Mahal, attended a 5 day nomadic wedding in the Sahara, chartered boats around the Philippines, worked in a jail in Mozambique, trekked a team of teenage girls into the jungles of Belize, seen the Serengeti at dawn, witnessed ancient holy ceremonies in Cambodia, slept under the stars in Jordan, closed down pubs in Ireland, built homes in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Poland, surfed my way around Australia, watched the stars come out over Petra by candle light, and watched the sun set behind the pyramids while riding horseback on Easter Sunday. I’ve been welcomed into stranger’s homes and offered more than I could give back and been reminded over and over again that humanity is beautiful, and that we’re all in this together.  The adventures, and the stories, are many. I hope even a few of my images can do justice to the people I’ve met along the way, the places I’ve had the honor of standing, and the impact they have all had on me. I’d be honoured if you\’d join my journey. Thanks for visiting!



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Travel + Culture photography 

I travel, a lot. Part of that is I teach travel photography and NGO documentary photography through The Giving Lens. Travel, adventure, photography, and giving back all rolled into one. 

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ngo documentary work

Through The Giving Lens,  and my own journeys, I have worked with NGOs in countries like Poland, Cambodia, Chile, Jordan, Tanzania, Morocco, Thailand, Nicaragua, and more. 

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tourism + travel content

I have partnered with Tourism Boards, DMOs, and tour companies around the world to provide compelling, contemporary content for their brand, country, and culture. 

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I am based in Victoria, BC, Canada and available worldwide.