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So, What does a travel photographer have to do with shooting weddings?

Glad you asked. "Travel photographer" is a misleading  title. I am a photographer, who travels. This requires a number of skills:

  • ability to adapt to a new culture, place, and its people

  • ability to notice details, scenes, and moments that speak to the heart of a place, its people, its history, and its future

  • ability to work quietly without interfering with authentic interactions, and be able to put people at ease, relax, be geunine and authentic when working camera-aware (aka looking at the camera).

  • ability to work for hours and hours on end

  • ability to jump between genres, from wide scenes to tight portraits, from outdoor to inside, from posed to candid, and be ready to switch gears on a dime

  • ability to react in a split second when moments present themselves unexpectedly

  • creative intuition to translate colors, textures, details, relationships, moments, and scenes into something that speaks to the place and time. So much more than just a postcard - "this is what it looked like" becomes "this is what it felt like."

You tell me: do these sound like totally awesome skills a wedding photographer should have? Good! Cause they are, and I have them. 

Relationships (and weddings) to me are an adventure and a journey. They themselves become like a new place, where I navigate, learn the history, come to understand their unique language and customs, notice the tiniest details that make this place unlike any other. 

Do you hear me? Your relationship is unlike any other. Your marriage is a yet undiscovered land, ripe for adventure, exploration, and discovery. Your wedding is the beginning of that adventure. 

If this language gets you excited, if you love both my  travel photos and my portrait work, and if you want to have a huge adventure together, I could be the right fit for your job. Read on to learn more!

Because love is a wild adventure. 


my style

I love love. And in a world that sometimes makes us question love, I adore returning to the place where love lives. Where two people stand together and say “You are my home.” I love coming alongside couples of all backgrounds, all sorts of stories and journeys, all kinds of love, and walking with them through one of the most important days of their lives. I love romantic adventures and the people who embark on them. I’ve captured weddings of many kinds and I am open to all couples of any background – regardless of race, creed, religion, culture, ancestry, and orientation.  I am LGBTTIQQ2SA friendly. 


My approach (please read!): Storytelling imagery, natural light, real life, raw beauty, moment-rich and love-full images. I am essentially a journalist at your wedding, working quietly and thoughtfully while your day unfolds without tons of intervention. I don’t do studio work (large flashes, soft boxes), or intensive photoshopping that alters reality. I think you are beautiful as you are right now – though I always will work with respect to any body image concerns that we discuss beforehand.  I do retouch my images, to a high standard, crafting images worthy of printing and cherishing the rest of your lives.

If you’re adding me to your short-list of potential photographers, please click “Inquire” and I will get you an information package, and confirm I am available your wedding date. We can then set up a time to meet!



Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, just like love does. For this reason, I don't have a flat fee to list here. I'd also love to talk to you - on the phone or in person - because a personal connection is so much more important  and dynamic that just a number on a piece of paper (or in this case, a website).

But I've been married too and I know getting down to numbers is part of the process! So, here's what I can tell you: my packages range from $1800 to $3600, with an average of about $2900-$3200. It depends on: high or low season, weekday or weekend, distance from Victoria, size of the wedding and wedding party, schedule of the day, if you desire a 2nd photographer, and overall length of time you'd need my services. 

I will happily and enthusiastically custom quote you for your wedding day or elopement. Just scroll down and hit "inquiry form" that will tell me all I need to know in order to get you a thorough quote, or schedule a phone call!

Elopements are less than full wedding days, ranging from $600 to $1600 for 2-4 hour packages, give or take travel fees. Who better to bring along for your wanderlust elopement than a Travel Photographer?

Consultations are totally free and no-pressure.

Because I travel, I take on a limited number  of weddings per year - thanks for understanding!

Let's connect

Whether you're convinced or you just want to talk more, let's connect. There is *no* pressure whatsoever, because I truly believe deep down in my gut that being the photographer for someone's wedding is so intimate, and requires so much trust, that it just has to be the right person.

As well, I do travel, I have my own adventures, and I do not photograph weddings full time so there's some major things to check on before we really jump into this: where, when, type of wedding, and budget for example! 

You have two options: if you have a quick question, fill in this form below. If you are a bit more serious -- though there's still no pressure and it's not a commitment -- click below to go to my inquiry form. This form helps me best understand where you are at, coming from, and what you are looking for. Then I can tell you more accurately if I could be a good fit!





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