I am a professional travel, portrait, and storytelling photographer, and a skilled writer and journalist. I have been on press trips, FAM trips, and worked with tourism boards, hotels, destinations, DMOs, airlines, and numerous non-profits. I am always open to new partnerships, sponsorships, and adventures. I can produce colourful, authentic, provoking visual content on a place, an event, an issue, a season, a culture, and more. As a writer I can provide a natural voice to the piece, one that doesn't scream of marketing or copy-editing, but rather provides depth and texture to the story. I'm professional, responsible, organized, efficient, and thorough. 

I have contacts with several major online travel magazines, and am skilled at pitching to new ones. My niches include: photo education in all genres, styles, and levels; travel photography; NGOs; portraiture; street and candid; adventure. I'm also a new mom and developing a niche around family travels. 

Whatever it is you're in the market for, reach out to me - I'd love to chat! I can be reached at katesiobhanphotography@gmail.com or via my contact form.