This form is for folks who have already emailed me to secure a workshop type, date, place, and number of people. Please fill out the WORKSHOP REQUEST form to begin this process. Once confirmed, you (and your groups) fill out this form to help me tailor and prepare for your workshop.

Name *
If a group session note who is hosting and where and when; If this is a private lesson please enter the address and time it's taking place. If you're opting to host at my home office, please note this as well.
Make and model When did you buy it? What was your hope when you got it? What was it for? Realistically what do you use it for now, and how often? What goes wrong when you do use it? What's frustrating you or too confusing? As best you can describe.
If you had more control over your camera, what would you want to use it for? Things like: portraits, children, landscape, travel, low-light, long exposures. (Try not to say all of the above, it's better to get specific about your goals!)
Both groups and private lessons require a $50 deposit to hold the time slot. For groups, hosts can make the $50/ $65 deposit to hold the time. Attendees can pay the day of.
I charge $250 to run the workshop for 3+ people. Simply divide that # by the number of people coming. Minimum 3 for a group, max 6. 250/6 = $42 250/5 = $50 250/4 = $63 250/3 = $83 All of the above are 2 to 2.5 hours. If you are just 1 or 2 people, it's $195 for a private session 90-minute session. (less time is required because there are fewer people to work one-on-one with. We focus on you!) If this is a gift, write BEST GIFT EVER! (and mention from whom. Thanks!)